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With the Men’s basketball team recently jumping to #1 in every major poll, it gives the Gators 3 teams to be ranked as #1 in their respective Sport.

Men’s Basketball - 25-2 (14-0 in the SEC) Currently on a 19 game winning streak, and a 30 game home winning streak (tied with Stephen F. Austin for second longest in the country behind Duke at 31).

Men’s Swimming and Diving - 8-0 (5-0 in the SEC) Have been #1 since early February, and were recently crowned SEC champions.

Women’s Softball - 12-0 Started the season ranked as one of the top teams and jumped to #1 on February 18th. The Softball season is far from over but this team looks poised to finally bring home the Softball teams first National Championship after being strong contenders for the past few seasons.

Other Teams Currently Ranked Highly:

Men’s Indoor Track : #2

Gymnastics: #3

Women’s Indoor Track: #4

Lacrosse: #5/#7

Women’s Tennis: #5

Women’s Swimming and Diving: #8

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Florida Gators - 30

Arkansas Razorbacks - 10


88 Days Until Gator Football
#88 - Tight End - Clay Burton
(Side Note:Appreciate this picture because it’s a bitch trying to find any action shots of the younger Burton.)


How do you turn things over to God? Start by making the choice and declaring your resolve. Simply say, “Father, I choose to let You be God of this situation. I take my hands off. I trust You.” Then, choose to worship Him. Worship is one of the best ways to set your heart and mind in the right place. You can’t worry and worship at the same time! Worship is a sign that you are trusting God; worry is a sign that you are trying to control things.

2013 Spring Practice — Junior Quarterback Jeff Driskel (6) hands the ball off to Running Back Matt Jones (24) during a team scrimmage.


It’s easy to look around at what’s happening in the earth today and be tempted to feel afraid or dismayed. Circumstances may seem overwhelming. Maybe your business is struggling, maybe you lost your job, maybe you’re struggling in a relationship or concerned about the economy. During times like these, it’s important to remember that God has promised that He will never leave us nor forsake us. In fact, not only is He with us, He has promised to strengthen us and harden us to difficulties. That means, when tough times come, they just bounce right off of you. You don’t allow your circumstances to steal your peace and joy. You have the attitude that says, “This may be a big problem, but my God is bigger!”
Keep in mind that the enemy isn’t after your checkbook; he’s ultimately after your peace and joy. He knows that if he can get your joy, then he can get your strength. But when you stay connected to the Father through prayer, studying the Word and declaring His promises over your life, you’ll be hardened to difficulties and stay safe in the palm of God’s hand!

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